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Yellow Flowers

Individual Mindfulness Coaching

Individual Video Sessions

Join Clare for individual coaching two or three times a week on your schedule.

Professionals, Weekend Warriors, Parents, Anyone Facing Stress . . . All Are Welcome

With seventeen years of criminal defense under her quiver belt, Clare specializes in mindfulness for professionals in high-stress careers.

No matter where you are in life, though, mindfulness may offer amazing benefits, so let's chat.

Multi-Media Support

Receive tailored reading lists, daily text support, written feedback, and weekly discussion questions.


Having been a junior national champion in rock climbing and a multi-time national champion in archery, Clare understands intimately the mental demands of elite competition. 

Tailored to You

Tailor your mindfulness practice to your goals, needs, lifestyle, and environment.


Clare offers various programs to fit any budget. She has one-on-one coaching packages starting at $179/month. She tailors packages to meet each participant's needs, so reach out anytime and let's talk!


Ready to see your performance, satisfaction with life, and feelings of well-being increase?

Let's talk mindfulness.

Clare will get back with you ASAP! (You can also simply email

Thanks for reaching out!
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