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and the Art of Mindfulness

Clare Maness


NFAA Professional Member, Qualified 2024


NFAA 2021, 2022, & 2023 Field Archery National Champion

NFAA 2021, 2022, & 2023 Outdoor Target National Champion

IFAA 2021 & 2022 North American Field Archery Champion
USA Archery 2022 Field Nationals, 4th Place
Team USA Alternate for Field Archery World Championships
TSAA Texas 2021 & 2022 Shooter of the Year

USA Archery 2021 Field Archery Nationals Silver Medalist

Vegas Shoot 2021 Bronze Medalist

About Me
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After a 20-year break from the sport and a career as a criminal-defense attorney, Clare returned to the sport of archery in 2021. She works with Source for Mindfulness, L.L.C., to bring mindfulness and meditation---fundamental aspects of her archery practice---to those curious about ways to deepen and invigorate their experience of life. 

Archery Awards:

The accomplishments listed here for 2024 are for adult ladies compound (freestyle unlimited, unless otherwise noted).


USA Archery Indoor Nationals, Ladies Adult Compound, 1st Place at Chula Vista Venue for that Weekend & 37th Nationally (scores of 280, 281, 285, 281)

NFAA Southwest Indoor Sectionals, Adult Ladies Bowhunter Unlimited, 1st for Venue & 3rd for Section

NFAA Southwest Indoor Sectionals, Adult Ladies Freestyle Unlimited, 1st for Venue & 2nd for Section (score of perfect 300 with 51 Xs and 27 inside-out Xs)

Earned NFAA Pro Card (exceeding minimum qualifying score by 5 Xs)

Conejo Valley Spring Classic, Money Shoot, 1st Place for Unmarked 3D, 2nd Place for 900 Round, & 3rd Place for Field 

The following accomplishments were generally for ladies Olympic recurve.


SAC California State Indoor Championships Silver Medalist
CBH/SAA California State Indoor Championships Gold Medalist
NFAA Southwest Sectionals Gold Medalist 
Vegas Shoot, Ladies' Championship Recurve, 37th Place (9th American)
USA Archery Indoor Nationals, Ladies' Adult Recurve, 8th Place Nationally & 1st Place at Salt Lake City Venue
Utah/Idaho/Wyoming State Indoor Championships, 1st Place (as guest)
NFAA Indoor National Championships, 4th Place
California Olympic Round & Round Robin Silver Medalist
NFAA National Indoor League Gold Medalist
Utah Archery Association State Formal Gold Medalist
California Cotton Boll Classic Silver Medalist 
State Archers of California Outdoor Target Championships Bronze Medalist 
California State Games Silver Medalist 
NFAA Field Archery National Champion

First Dakota Classic Gold Medalist 

NFAA Outdoor Target National Champion 

California CBH Outdoor State Championships Gold Medalist (broke record and set new one for this 900 round: 824) 

Pacific Coast Championships, 4th Place 

California Classic 1440 Silver Medalist 

ABFAA Arizona State Field Championships, 1st Place as Out-of-State Guest


Vegas Shoot, Ladies' Championship Recurve, 16th Place (4th American)

Aggie Sectional (Texas Venue for USA Archery Indoor Nationals) Gold Medalist 

Texas SYWAT Indoor Series Silver Medalist

TFAA & TSAA Texas Indoor State Champion (TFAA scores of 295 & 294 (blue face)/TSAA scores of 281 and 288 (FITA face))

Texas Open, 4th Recurve Overall & 1st Woman 

USA Archery Indoor Nationals, Ladies' Adult Recurve, 7th Place

NFAA Indoor Nationals, 7th Place

NFAA Indoor League Silver Medalist 

TSAA Texas State Field Champion (set 36-arrow, 72-arrow, 144-arrow records)

Northern Region FITA Field Champion (& Top Female Recurve Score, regardless of age)

USA Archery Field Nationals, 4th Place

Team USA Alternate for Field Archery World Championships 

USAT Gator Cup, qualified 10th (tie) (623 points)

Society for Archery in Michigan State Outdoor Championships Gold Medalist (round of 322)

TFAA Texas State Field Champion (set new records for hunter round and aggregate score)

NFAA Field National Champion (broke all records and set new ones: field (487), hunter (491), animal (564))

USAT Buckeye Classic, qualified 12th (619 points)

First Dakota Classic Gold Medalist 

NFAA Outdoor Target National Champion (broke all three records and set new ones at 551 for 600 round, 824 for 900 round, and 1375 overall)

NFAA Outdoor National League Champion

TSAA State Outdoor Championships Gold Medalist (and broke all available records (given cancellation of shooting because of rain) with 311 and 609)

TSAA Texas Shooter of the Year 

Pacific Coast Championships Silver Medalist

California Classic, 4th Place

Arizona State Outdoor Championships, 1st Place (as guest)

IFAA North American Field Championships Gold Medalist (setting two new records: field round 476 and hunter round 494)

Ranked 18th in the USA for USA Archery

Holding All NFAA Outdoor Records (Field and Target) 


NFAA Indoor Nationals Silver Medalist

Vegas Shoot Bronze Medalist

Texas State Field Champion (TSAA & TFAA)

NFAA Southern Sectional Champion

NFAA Field National Champion (set animal-round record)

NFAA Outdoor Target National Champion (set 900-round and overall record)

First Dakota Classic Silver Medalist

USA Archery Field Nationals Silver Medalist

NFAA National Field League Champion

TSAA Texas Shooter of the Year

FAA Florida State FITA Field Championships Silver Medalist 

IFAA North American Field Championships Gold Medalist (set field-round record)


Collegiate Western Regional Champion 

All American


All American

(Shooting for U.C. San Diego)

Other Things in Life:

J.D. earned magna cum laude from the Ave Maria School of Law in 2006

B.A. earned with dean's-list honors from U.H. Hilo in 2002

Yoga Alliance Registered 200-Hour Teacher (since 2010)

Yoga Alliance Registered 500-Hour Teacher (since 2012)

Former International Association of Yoga Therapists Certified Yoga Therapist

Ray of Sun Yoga Teacher Training Faculty Member, Mishawaka, Indiana  

(Previously on the Faculty for Yoga for Your Life Teacher Training School) 

Columnist, Life Is Good Magazine, Gulf Coast Health-and-Wellness Magazine, 2015-2021

Along with archery, Clare has competed nationally/internationally in rock climbing, sailing, and ballroom/swing dancing. She grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, and now calls a 37' Class A RV home. When not shooting, she likes to scuba dive, walk her RV dog with her husband (who also shoots recurve), practice yoga, and read Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, and old Robin Hood and King Arthur books. 

You can read more about shooting with Clare here, with an interview featured on the 60X Custom Strings site.

Pictures from the Journey


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